Philosophy Of Freedom Cognition Diagram

Each of the first 7 chapters of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom emphasizes a part of the process of cognition. This circle, square and triangle diagram attempts to place the chapters within the cognitive process.
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  • The left column of percept to concept is about grasping the essential nature (thing-in-itself) of something in conceptual form. Steiner says all of reality, for cognition, is either given percept or concept obtained by thinking. In Theory of Knowledge Steiner speaks of a faculty that Kant considered not possible for humans, only God, --Intellectual Intuition. This is relevant when the deepening of thinking is discussed.

    In Chapter 5 POF Steiner calls it finding the conceptual intuition that corresponds to the perception. It occurs in normal life usually but can be deepened by further developing intuition. For example the work of an academic scholar deepens the faculty of intuition, the ability to discover concepts that correspond to things.

  • hi , i am new to this site, and fairly new to POF. I have a question relating to the diagram. Steiner criticises Kant when Kant says we cant know a thing in itself. can it be shown how this error would be displayed graphically in view of the above diagram?
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