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No One Left Behind
In the first decade of the 20th century, August Ewerbeck got word that there were intimate circles in which Rudolf Steiner gave special esoteric training to those admitted to them. So he asked his teacher whether he too might be allowed to attend, and received the astonishing reply: “You don’t need to! You have understood my Philosophy of Freedom!”

The Philosophy Of Freedom is a modern path to truth suited to our age of science. It describes how Rudolf Steiner himself made the difficult ascent to freedom. It is not the only path. Many are not drawn to the direction taken by The Philosophy of Freedom. They have “no desire to undertake the uncomfortable and demanding pursuit of clear thinking.”

After 1900, Steiner entered his Theosophy/ Anthroposophy period and presented many other paths for human development for those less drawn to science, such as the restoration of ancient Eastern practices and Christianity, leaving no one behind.

The Philosophy Of Freedom is a Science Of Mind that is verifiable to any normal person who can recall their thinking processes and think about thinking. Anthroposophy is different. It is a Science Of Spirit that requires the development of clairvoyant capacities to verify its findings. I am not aware of anyone having developed these capacities yet, to be able to experience the spiritual worlds as Steiner did. But a wealth of his findings are available for testing.

The Philosophy Of Freedom is independent of the speculations of Anthroposophy. Its objective is to reach the conceptual realm of pure thought which any computer science, engineering, mathematics, science or philosophy student is very well trained to do. Practice in entering the realm of pure thought is also gained with the study of The Philosophy Of Freedom.

Anthroposophy is Christian in that it recognizes the Christ Being as the center of life while The Philosophy Of Freedom is Humanist and recognizes the human being as the center of life.

This website, since 2005, examines Rudolf Steiner's early work (pre-1900) before he turned to the language and imagery of theosophy and developed a spiritual science called Anthroposophy. In works written after 1900, Steiner describes his perception of higher worlds and of spiritual beings. An interest in his later work is not necessary to find value in The Philosophy Of Freedom.

Near the end of his life, Steiner suggested that The Philosophy of Freedom would outlive all his other works. This is obvious today as there is no longer much interest in Theosophy. The Philosophy of Freedom stands on its own completely independent of his later spiritual research and organizations, “this book occupies a position completely independent of my writings on actual spiritual scientific matters... What I have said in this book may be acceptable even to some who, for reasons of their own, refuse to have anything to do with the results of my researches into the spiritual realm.” Rudolf Steiner, "The Philosophy of Freedom", 1918 Preface to the Revised Edition.

“You will find nothing at all in The Philosophy of Freedom that is derived from clairvoyant communications of spiritual science. It is written for the express purpose of disciplining thinking without any mention of theosophy.” Rudolf Steiner

This website is not associated with the Anthroposophical Society, which is the administrative authority for the preservation of spiritual science and anthroposophy. To try and insert the ideas of Theosophy/Anthoposophy into The Philosophy of Freedom will lead to reading errors, Efforts to translate, revise and explain the philosophy on anthroposophy's terms renders it unintelligible.

“The members read The Philosophy of Freedom, but reading is not the same as understanding. They took what I offered, not as something issuing from my mouth or written in my books, but rather as what this one thought ‘mystical,’ that one ‘theosophical,’ another something else again” 1918 Rudolf Steiner on His Book The Philosophy of Freedom

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