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Path To Freedom
Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom is a science of freedom. It is a step by step path to the free thinking and action of Steiner's ideal human being the Ethical Individualist. The scientific method of comparative study and self-observation are applied for each step. You are asked to compare two sides of human experience, Case 1 and Case 2, as a means to understand individuality, knowledge, and ethics. It is drawn from Rudolf Steiner's "The Philosophy Of Freedom", with 12 steps for each chapter.


Striving For Individuality - Steps #1 to #12
Introduction: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 1

Striving For Inner Truth - Steps #13 to #24
Introduction: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 2

Striving For Freedom - Steps #25 to #36
Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action

Striving For Knowledge - Steps #37 to #48
Chapter 2 The Fundamental Desire For Knowledge

Striving To Think - Steps #49 to #60
Chapter 3 Thinking As A Means Of Forming A View Of The World

Striving To Perceive - Steps #61 to #72
Chapter 4 The World As Perception


The Reality of Freedom




“I believe I am right in pointing out one of the fundamental characteristics of our age when I say that, at the present day, all human interests tend to center in the cult of individuality.”

Striving for individuality
Domain: Attitude about life
Part 1 (0.0) Advance from Collectivism to Individualism
Step .01 Advance from (outer truth) Submission To Authority TO (inner truth) Shake Off Authority
Step .02 Advance from (outer truth) Expert Validation TO (inner truth) Inner Validation
Step .03 Advance from (outer truth) Distracted By World TO Commitment To (inner truth) Self-Development
Step .04 Advance from (outer truth) Follow Your Hero TO (inner truth) Heroless Striving
Step .05 Advance from (outer truth) Forced Ideals TO (inner truth) Select Your Ideals
Step .06 Advance from (outer truth) Some Are Worthy TO (inner truth) Inner Worthiness Of Each
Step .07 Advance from (outer truth) Strive To Conform TO (inner truth) Strive To Be Yourself
Step .08 Advance from (outer truth) Perfection Of The Group TO (inner truth) Unique Perfection Of Individual In Community
Step .09 Advance from (outer truth) Collective Action TO (inner truth) Unique Individual Contribution To World
Step .010 Advance from (outer truth) Rules Of Expression TO (inner truth) Free Creative Expression
Step .011 Advance from (outer truth) Striving For Collective Bondage TO (inner truth) Striving For Freedom
Step .012 Advance from (outer truth) Dependent On Others TO (inner truth) Independent Of Others

“Truth, too, will be sought in our age only in the depths of human nature.”

Striving for inner truth
Domain: Attitude about Truth
Part 2 (0.0) Advance from the Path Of Outer Truth to the Path Of Inner Truth
Step .1 Advance from (outer truth) Uncertainty Of Outer Truth TO (inner truth) Conviction Of Inner Truth
Step .2 Advance from (outer truth) Weakened By Doubt TO (inner truth) Empowered By Truth
Step .3 Advance from (outer truth) Belief To (inner truth) Inner Knowing
Step .4 Advance from (outer truth) Academic Knowledge TO Experienced Knowledge
Step .5 Advance from (outer truth) Compelled To Understand (indoctrination) TO (inner truth) Agreement With Proposed Truth (insight)
Step .6 Advance from (outer truth) Flaunt Cultural Trends TO (inner truth) Application Of Individualistic Principles
Step .7 Advance from (outer truth) Piety Training TO (inner truth) Practice Pure Thinking
Step .8 Advance from (outer truth) Separate Sciences To (inner truth) All-Inclusive Science
Step .9 Advance from (outer truth) Philosophy Of Freedom TO (inner truth) Science Of Freedom
Step .10 Advance from (outer truth) Science Of Idle Curiosity TO (inner truth) Science Of Human Development
Step .11 Advance from (outer truth) Human Serves Ideas TO (inner truth) Ideas Serve Human Goals
Step .12 Advance from (outer truth) Slave Of Ideas TO (inner truth) Master Of Ideas

EXPRESSION OF PERSONALITY willing, feeling, thinking

“Is a human being free in thought and action, or compelled by the unyielding necessity of natural law?”

Striving for freedom
Rational Thinking
Domain: Personality - willing process, observation of motives
1.0 Advance from Illusion Of Freedom TO recognizing Lawful Necessity
MOTIVE of Action
Step 1.1 Advance from (outer truth) Freedom Of Indifference TO (inner truth) recognizing the Necessity Of A Reason
Step 1.2 Advance from (outer truth) Freedom Of Choice TO (inner truth) recognizing the Necessity Of Desire
Step 1.3 Advance from (outer truth) Free Expression Of One’s Nature TO (inner truth) recognizing the Necessity Of External Causes
Step 1.4 Advance from (outer truth) Conduct Of Character TO (inner truth) recognizing the Necessity Of Characterological Disposition
Step 1.5 Advance from (outer truth) Action Resulting From Conscious Motive TO (inner truth) having Knowledge Of The Motive of action
Step 1.6 Advance from (outer truth) Rational Decision TO (inner truth) recognizing that the Decision Occurs With Rational Necessity
Step 1.7 Advance from (outer truth) Ability To Do TO (inner truth) recognizing the Necessity Of Strongest Motive
Step 1.8 Advance from (outer truth) Spontaneous Will TO recognizing the Invisible Cause
Step 1.9 Advance from (outer truth) Know The Reason TO (inner truth) recognizing the Origin Of The Thought
Step 1.10 Advance from (outer truth) Driving Force Of Heart TO (inner truth) recognizing the Thought That Arouses Compassion
Step 1.11 Advance from (outer truth) Act Of Love TO (inner truth) recognizing the Thoughts That Idealize The Loved One
Step 1.12 Advance from (outer truth) Seeing The Good TO (inner truth) recognizing the Perception-Picture Formed Of Good Qualities

“Nowhere are we satisfied with what nature displays before our senses. We look everywhere for what we call an explanation of the facts.”

Striving for knowledge
Speculative Thinking
Domain: Personality - feeling process (desire for knowledge), observation of worldview
2.0 Advance from World-Content TO Thought-Content
Step 2.1 Advance from (outer truth) Material World TO (inner truth) Materialistic Conception
Step 2.2 Advance from (outer truth) Spiritual World TO (inner truth) Spiritualistic Theory
Step 2.3 Advance from (outer truth) External World TO (inner truth) Experience Becomes Content Of Mind
Step 2.4 Advance from (outer truth) World Of Ideas TO (inner truth) Idealistic Thought-Picture Without Experience
Step 2.5 Advance from (outer truth) accepting the Material World And World Of Ideas TO (inner truth) Materialistic Idealism
Step 2.6 Advance from (outer truth) Matter and Mind TO (inner truth) Indivisible Unity
Step 2.7 Advance from (outer truth) World and Self TO (inner truth) Polarity Of Consciousness
Step 2.8 Advance from (outer truth) Feel Estranged From Nature TO (inner truth) Feel Belong To Nature
Step 2.9 Advance from (outer truth) Nature Outside Of Us TO (inner truth) Know Nature Within
Step 2.10 Advance from (outer truth) Merely “I” TO (inner truth) Something More Than “I"
Step 2.11 Advance from (outer truth) Academic Definitions Of Psychology And Philosophy TO (inner truth) Description Of Consciousness
Step 2.12 Advance from (outer truth) Scholar Interpretation Of Consciousness TO (inner truth) Record Experience Of Consciousness Without Interpretation

“As an object of observation thought differs essentially from all other things.”

Striving to think
Reflective Thinking
Domain: Personality - Thinking process, observation of thought
3.0 Advance from Spectator TO Thinker
Step 3.1 (outer truth) Advance from Everyday State TO (inner truth) Exceptional State
Step 3.2 Advance from (outer truth) Passive Feeling TO (inner truth) Active Thinking
Step 3.3 Advance from (outer truth) Expression Of Personality TO (inner truth) Selfless Contemplation Of Object
Step 3.4 Advance from (outer truth) Create Thought TO (inner truth) Contemplation Of Past Thought
Step 3.5 Advance from (outer truth) Indirect Knowledge Of Natural Phenomena TO (inner truth) Direct Knowledge Of Thought
Step 3.6 Advance from (outer truth) Physiological Basis Of Thought TO (inner truth) Pure Thinking Guided By Thought
Step 3.7 Advance from (outer truth) Uncertainty Of Other Things TO (inner truth) Certainty Of Thought
Step 3.8 Advance from (outer truth) Thought Mingles With Observation TO (inner truth) Remain Within Thought
Step 3.9 Advance from Know Nature, Then Create Again TO (inner truth) Create Thought Before Knowing
Step 3.10 Advance from (outer truth) Unconsciously Add Thought TO (inner truth) Conscious Analysis
Step 3.11 Advance from (outer truth) Start With Observation TO (inner truth) Start With Principles Of Thinking
Step 3.12 Advance from (outer truth) Is Thinking Right Or Wrong? TO (inner truth) Is Thought Rightly Applied?

COGNITION perception, conception, ideation, cognition

“When someone sees a tree, his thinking reacts to his observation. An ideal element is added to the object, and the observer regards the object and Ideal complement as belonging together.”

Striving to be aware of perception bias
Reactive Thinking
Domain: Cognition - perception process, observation of percept
4.0 Advance from Thinking Reacts To Observation TO Concepts Added To Observation
Step 4.1 Advance from (outer truth) Generalize Relationships TO (inner truth) Conceptualize Relationships
Step 4.2 Advance from (outer truth) Thinking Consciousness TO (inner truth) Thinking Reference
Step 4.3 Advance from (outer truth) Thought Free Observation TO (inner truth) Establish Conceptual Relationships
Step 4.4 Advance from (outer truth) World-Picture Contradictions TO (inner truth) World-Picture Corrections
Step 4.5 Advance from (outer truth) Mathematical Perception-Picture TO (inner truth) Qualitative Determination Of Perception-Picture
Step 4.6 Advance from (outer truth) Subjective Perception-Picture TO (inner truth) Something Exists Independently Of Our Consciousness
Step 4.7 Advance from (outer truth) My self As Observer TO (inner truth) After-Effect Idea Image
Step 68 (4.8) Advance from (outer truth) Idea Inserts Itself Before Object TO (inner truth) Object (thing-in-itself) Is Unknowable
Step 4.9 Advance from (outer truth) Idea Formed By Physics And Physiology TO (inner truth) Idea Formed By Psyche
Step 4.10 Advance from (outer truth) External World Is A Projection Of My Psyche TO (inner truth) Percept Creation Of Psyche
Step 4.11 Advance from (outer truth) External Percept Is My Idea TO (inner truth) Web Of Ideas Cannot Act On Each Other
Step 4.12 Advance from (outer truth) The World Is My Idea TO (inner truth) World Is Product Of Real Sense Process (bodily organism has objective existence)

“All attempts to find world-unity must fail, other than this coherent ideal content which we gain by the conceptual analysis of what we perceive.”

Striving for conceptual analysis of the world
Critical Thinking
Domain: Cognition - conception process, observation of concept
5.0 Advance from (outer truth) Unknown Thing-In-Itself TO (inner truth) Nature Of Thing-In-Itself
Step 5.1 Advance from (outer truth) the Dream State Of Ideas TO (inner truth) Awakened State Of Thinking
Step 5.2 Advance from (outer truth) Naive: Things Real As They Appear TO Thought That Applies To World
Step 5.3 Advance from (outer truth) Thought Exists Only In Head TO (inner truth) World Causes Concept To Arise
Step 5.4 Advance from (outer truth) Momentary Picture TO (inner truth) Process Of Becoming
Step 5.5 Advance from (outer truth) Sequence Of Appearances TO (inner truth) Indivisible Existence of Concept With Object
Step 5.6 Advance from (outer truth) Stream Of Events TO (inner truth) Grasp Single Concepts
Step 5.7 Advance from (outer truth) Self-Perception TO (inner truth) Self-Definition
Step 5.8 Advance from (outer truth) Isolated In Sensing, Feeling And Perceiving TO (inner truth) All-One Thinking Being
Step 5.9 Advance from (outer truth) Blind Will TO (inner truth) Unity Gained By Conceptual Analysis Of Percepts
Step 5.10 Advance from (outer truth) Multiplicity Of Objects Of Equal Value TO (inner truth) Corresponding Intuition
Step 5.11 Advance from (outer truth) Gathering Percepts TO (inner truth) Conceptual Connections Of Percepts
Step 5.12 Advance from (outer truth) Objective Percept TO (inner truth) Subjective Memory-Idea

“An idea, then, is an individualized concept. And now we can understand how objects in the real world can be represented to us by ideas.”

Striving for reality based ideas
Independent Thinking
Domain: Cognition - ideation process, observation of idea
6.0 Advance from (outer truth) Ideas Identical To External Objects TO Ideas Conform To Universal Element In Percept And Self
Step 6.1 Advance from (outer truth) Sense Mechanical Process Of Motion TO (inner truth) Perception Of Motion
Step 6.2 Advance from (outer truth) Intuition Unities With Percept (moment of observation) TO (inner truth) Idea Is Individualized Intuition
Step 6.3 Advance from (outer truth) Concept Acquires Individualized Form (moment of observation) TO (inner truth) Idea Is Individualized Concept
Step 6.4 Advance from Unthinking Traveler and Abstract Scholar (outer truth) TO (inner truth) Idea Is Acquired Experience
Step 6.5 Advance from (outer truth) Idea Is Subjective Representation Of Reality TO (inner truth) Cognitive Personality: Objective Percept, Concept And Idea
Step 6.6 Advance from (outer truth) Thinking Relates Percept To Concept TO (inner truth) Experience Pleasure or Pain
Step 6.7 Advance from (outer truth) Universal Thought TO (inner truth) Individual Feelings
Step 6.8 Advance from (outer truth) Swing Between Universal Thought and Personal Feelings TO (inner truth) True Individuality
Step 6.9 Advance from (outer truth) Way We Form Ideas TO (inner truth) Individual Environment
Step 6.10 Advance from (outer truth) Our organization TO (inner truth) Intensity Of Feelings
Step 6.11 Advance from (outer truth) Feeling-Life Devoid Of Thought TO (inner truth) Education Of Feelings
Step 6.12 Advance from (outer truth) Concepts TO (inner truth) Living Concepts

“It follows from the concept of cognizing, as we have defined it, that we cannot speak of limits to cognition.”

Striving for cognitive unity
Cognitive Thinking
Domain: Cognition - cognition process, observation of cognition
7.0 Advance from (outer truth) World Of Appearance TO (inner truth) Unified Reality
Step 7.1 Advance from (outer truth) Facts Of Experience TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Hypothetical World Principle
Step 7.2 Advance from (outer truth) Ego-hood's Questions TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Ego-hood's Answers
Step 7.3 Advance from (outer truth) Familiar Perceptions TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Familiar Concepts
Step 7.4 Advance from (outer truth) Unconscious Formation Of Percept TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Conceptual Representation Of Objective Reality
Step 7.5 Advance from (outer truth) Real Principles TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Ideal Principles
Step 7.6 Advance from (outer truth) Real Evidence of Senses TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Ideal Evidence
Step 7.7 Advance from (outer truth) Vanishing Perceptions TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Ideal Entities
Step 7.8 Advance from (outer truth) Perceptible Reality TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Imperceptible Reality
Step 7.9 Advance from (outer truth) Sum of Perceptions TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Laws of Nature
Step 7.10 Advance from (outer truth) Separation Of “I” TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Reunion of “I” into World Continuity
Step 7.11 Advance from (outer truth) Sum of Effects TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Underlying Causes
Step 7.12 Advance from (outer truth) Subjective World TO (inner truth) Reconcile with Objective World Continuity

The Reality of Freedom


to be continued...

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