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Steps To Freedom Comparative Study

Path To Freedom
This is a step by step path to free thinking and action based on a science of freedom. The scientific method of comparative study and self-observation are applied for each step. You are asked to compare two sides of human experience, Case 1 and Case 2, as a means to understand individuality, knowledge, and ethics. It is drawn from Rudolf Steiner's "The Philosophy Of Freedom", with 12 steps for each chapter.

The Inner Truth Of Knowledge
Preface: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 1
Preface: The Goal Of Knowledge Part 2

The Inner Truth Of Human Action
Chapter 1 Conscious Human Action

The Inner Truth Of The Desire For Knowledge
Chapter 2 Scientific Impulse

The Inner Truth Of Thinking
Chapter 3 Thinking As A Means Of Forming A View Of The World

The Inner Truth Of Perception
Chapter 4 The World As Perception

The Inner Truth Of Personality
Chapter 8 The Factors Of Life

The Inner Truth Of Freedom
Chapter 9 The Idea Of Freedom

The Inner Truth Of Moral Authority
Chapter 10 Monism And The Philosophy Of Freedom

The Inner Truth Of Free Individuality
Chapter 14 Individuality And Type

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