What Happens After Bernie Sanders?

Noam Chomsky sees a lot more in the Bernie Sanders campaign than just a presidential run. “Bernie Sanders is doing courageous things and organizing a lot of people,” Chomsky told Abby Martin on Telesur’s "The Empire Files."

“That campaign ought to be directed to sustaining a popular movement which will use the election as an incentive," said Chomsky. "And unfortunately, it’s not. When the election's over, the movements will die. The only thing that’ll ever bring about meaningful change is ongoing, dedicated popular movements which don’t pay attention to the election cycle. It’s an extravaganza every four years but then we go on.”

Rudolf Steiner thought that an understanding of human freedom could be the foundation to sustain a social and political movement. A movement needs core principles to understand itself. What would a list of principles from The Philosophy Of Freedom look like that could sustain a movement? 

How do you turn ETHICAL INDIVIDUALISM into a movement? Spiritual science leaps far beyond TPOF into an unsure "belief" system. Could you connect with the times better with an INDEPENDENT PROGRESSIVE movement as TPOF can be read as contrasting CONSERVATIVES (fixed, traditional) with PROGRESSIVES (change, progress, evolving)

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  • Probably by relating TPOF to the threefold social organism but a now day approach. For example, I see Sanders campaign as a balancing move or movement from the political and social(cultural) spheres to fight back the invasion of the economic sphere.

    • I see the need to separate the political and economic spheres, a whole movement sees this. Civil society is the cultural sphere? Non-profits seem to be doing well and mostly independent.

      • Yes! Cultural life and civil society is the same as I understand it. A good idea will be to educate the people on the importance of separating (cultural) religion and state (political). Plus, add a new separation which is the economic life. My observation has come to the conclusion that some people see the economic life and cultural as inseparable or the same. Sanders more than anything is trying to separate the political sphere and start doing what it's intended to do which is to maintain justice or balance in the threefold "organism". I might be wrong, I'm still learning and wrapping my head around the concept. Just trying to brainstorm and help out.
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