The Theory Of Evolution Advances To Evolutionary Ethics

The Philosophy Of Freedom (POF) answers the question of today's thinkers seeking evolutionary ethics that extends from the theory of evolution.

“The same Ethical Individualism which I have developed on the basis of the preceding principles, might be equally well developed on the basis of the theory of evolution.” Rudolf Steiner, Philosophy Of Freedom 12.7

Morality is human flourishing
Popular Atheist and islamophobe Sam Harris gave a Ted talk about a science of ethics based on the "facts" of human flourishing. What was missing is that Sam didn't have these facts. 

Science of freedom
The highest human flourishing is freedom, unique to humans. A science of ethics must be a science of freedom. 

Atheists should embrace a science of freedom (The Philosophy Of Freedom), from there a new ethics can grow to include everyone else.

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  • Is a Humanist the same as an atheists. I find humanists on the disturbing side because they take a stance based on only what they can percieve of the physical world and then preach that mantra. Atheists i have found stick to natural science and leave the rest alone. Any thoughts on this!
    • Humanism places human interests, values, and dignity at the center of life and as the source of morality. It is non-theistic preferring critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith.

      Atheism seems to be simply disbelief in gods and supernatural beings.

      I see the humanists/atheists as being too materialistic and the religious/spiritualists as being too spiritualistic. There is no human freedom in materialism or spiritualism.

      “Whereas the Materialistic Dualist turns man into an automaton, the action of which is nothing but the effect of causality according to purely mechanical laws, the Spiritualistic Dualist makes man the slave of the will of the Absolute. Neither Materialism nor Spiritualism has any room for freedom.” POF 10.3

      Anthroposophy tried to bridge the gap but they have become too immersed in the Christian faith.

      The Philosophy Of Freedom bridges the gap by placing human freedom at the center as the highest value and then presents a science of freedom as the foundation of individual free thinking and free morality.

      I am looking for a worldview that can encompass everything and place everything in its proper place within the whole. The task is to understand The Philosophy Of Freedom and then figure out how to present it. You can't really label it without narrowing its scope, but it has to be discussed in some way.

      The Philosophy Of Freedom worldview is certainly humanistic, scientific, and spiritual in the sense that the "idea" is the divine. My next blog post will be about the spirituality of the idea.

      • Thanks Tom. Your reply is helpful. I will read it some more to get a better grasp of what you say and to find my understanding. I look forward to you future posts.
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