By Robert Jan Kelder

(Robert Jan Kelder)
Members of this site might be interested in my partial online translation link of  "The Philosophy of Freedom as a Basis for Artistic Creation" by Herbert Witzenman, a personal student of Rudolf Steiner,  with whom I worked and studied in Dornach. See also his work on the basis of soul observation or introspection  entiteld "The Virtues - Seasons of the Soul". He has also coined the term "Social Organics" as an abbreviation for Rudolf Steiners idea of the threefold social organism, which is the necessary organizational form for a society of free spirits.

Of his various writings on that topic, I have introduced and translated two booklets: "The Just Price - World Economy as Social Organics" and "Charter of Humanity - The Principles of the General Antroposophical...". My abstract for that theme entitled "Rudolf Steiner's Idea of Social Organics - A New Constitutional Principle of Civilization", tracing the four phases in the development of that idea from 1917 to 1923/24 by Rudolf Steiner has been accepted for a conference in Moscow organized by the Telos Institute in New York  in the beginning of September. Robert Jan Kelder website:

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