Huge Opening For The Philosophy Of Freedom

The Left has started a social justice movement that is centered on ethnic identity and collectivism. This is contrary to the free individuality values of the Philosophy Of Freedom. There is an unnamed counter movement that has risen made up from people from the Left and Right that is centered on freedom, individuals, their rights, and respect for an individuals personal agency. They also look to science and individual ethics.

These independent-minded individualists are not easily labeled or organized, while the social justice collectivists are easily organized according to racial and gender characteristics. For this reason the organized and directed social justice warriors are exerting a lot of pressure on institutions to be politically correct according to their beliefs and to ban the free speech of their opponents. Movements like this lean toward socialism and inevitably suppress and weaken individuality.

The new individualist movement is looking for an identity and to organize under a set of individualistic principles. What they do not realize is that a whole fully developed political philosophy exists that contains the principles of free individuality that they seek. If the Philosophy Of Freedom was presented to them in a way that they could understand, Steiner’s philosophy of life could become a prominent part of our culture. A huge opening exists right at this time. Hopefully, more will step forward to bring the Philosophy Of Freedom to the world.

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