A page on the Green Meadow Waldorf School website is called "Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion".  The Green Meadow Waldorf school is striving toward becoming a Social Justice school. Its Diversity and Inclusion Committee is monitering the school community to ensure they adhere to the politically correct behavior of the Social Justice movement. The staff and faculty are being required to undergo a training program called "Undoing Racism' so they can stop being racists. According to Social Justice ideology we are all racists. To learn more about the Social Justice Movement see The Social Justice Movement's Threat To Human Freedom.

Green Meadow Diversity and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s goals for the school in the coming years include increasing enrollment by groups underrepresented within our community and hiring an increasingly diverse faculty and staff; deepening dialogue among faculty, staff, parents and students on what diversity means, and brings, to our community; highlighting the existing diversity in the school and our efforts to broaden it; strengthening our connections to the diverse communities in our area; and striving to make Waldorf Education accessible to every family who wishes to provide it for their children. We are proud to be in the process of training our entire faculty and staff in the Undoing Racism framework.

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