• Hi Tom, Thanks for the time you have put into this web site. You have great will power and dedication to support the Philosophy of Freedom. I am living in Bali Indonesia and I am putting together a study group for this book.  I am trying to work on a format for the group.  This is my sms I have sent to friends and I wanted to get your advice.  I appreciate your efforts you are truly a wise and hardworking man.  

    SMS 1)  Hi ____, I am looking to put together a Study Group for the Book The Philosophy Of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner. It is a book that if understood can free the mind and develop a new understanding of one's natural abilities. It is not an easy book to understand however there is a web site that helps readers get through the book. There have been several translations so there is only one translation recommended. If this seems interesting to you let me know I will send the link to the pdf book and website. Have a good night Glenn

    SMS 2)  Currently there is only one edition that is based on the original 1894 Die Philosophie der Freiheit and that is the 1916 English translation by Prof. and Mrs. R. F. A. Hoernle.
    the book link is here yet read 1 - 5 from this web site

    SMS 3) More links
    There are several pdf choices I am using this one

    SMS 4) I’m putting the group together now. So it’s self study time. 1. Go to the web site and look over the links I sent. 1 - 5 barriers to learning the book. I think this is a good start because it gives you an idea of how to get around the barriers. It also gives you a foundation of why Rudolph Steiner wrote the book and what he wants people to get out of it. 2 look over the web site 3 download the book link that I sent.

     After all that formulate in your mind and intention a WHY you are reading the book and what you want to get out of it.

    I have contacted 3 people already and want to have a live talk on the book.  I think a total of 9 people is best.  Format of the group would be :  After everyone reads the book the first discussion class will start.   We will keep it simple to meet in a circle at Villa Gaia.  I will talk about why the group has been formed with some history on Rudolf Steiner.  Each of us will then just read passages that we found had given us insights and explain why we liked the passage.  1 passage per person ie the best passage you read then explain why. The next person reads a passage if they picked the same one as you they read the second-best passage in the book they found gave them some insights.  I hope to have 9 people in the group.  The session can go on for 2 hours with open forum for discussion and perhaps some videos from Toms web site

    Tom Can you recommend the best videos to watch?

    In the second discussion class, we can continue on the first-class expanding our thoughts on the book or if those ideas have been explored to everyone's satisfaction, we can then discuss the parts we can't get our minds around and don't understand. So if there is a section of the book that you would like clarification on then highlight that as well.
    We will update this idea as more people join the group.  How many people total do you think is a good number to limit the group to?  How many hours would support this effort?  from your web site, it looks like its a life long journey.
     That is a lot of information so please digest it and get back to me.
    Blessings from Bali,



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    • Hi Glenn-Philip,
      Happy to see you want to share The Philosophy Of Freedom with others. What can be done in a study group depends on how much the participants want to put into it. Your thoughts about the group seem like they would work. I will help in any way I can.

      Can you recommend the best videos to watch?
      I have started a new video project to do the whole book in videos. I don’t know how many I will actually do. I have finished Part 1 of the introduction chapter “The Goal Of knowledge” and will complete Part 2 by this weekend. New chapter videos will be posted every few weeks. I also finished chapter 14. In the videos I read the book text and add video clips.

      How many people total do you think is a good number to limit the group to?
      “The most effective number of participants in group contemplation falls between six and fifteen persons. More than this makes it difficult to involve everyone to his optimum capacity.”
      source: Group Contemplation Manual

      How many hours would support this effort?
      As many as people are willing to do.


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