RUDOLF STEINER: How To Become A Free Individuality

Please send this link to those who may fall prey to social justice ideology. The Western values of freedom and individualism are being questioned today by the social justice movement. Is free individuality even possible or is our thinking and behavior culturally determined by our groups (race, tribe, nation, family, male or female, state, church etc.)? Are social justice activists right that our thinking and behavior has been culturally determined for us all to be racists or do they lack a deeper awareness of the free spirit that lies within human nature?
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Video text is from The Philosophy Of Freedom By Rudolf Steiner Chapter 14 Individuality And Type

0:00 (14.0 The Question Of Free Individuality
1:00 (14.1 Group Type
2:00 (14.2 Emancipation From Type
3:05 (14.3 Opportunity According To Ability And Inclination
4:13 (14.4 Profession According To Merit
5:19 (14.5 Free Self-Determination
6:25 (14.6 Individual Thinking
7:06 (14.7 Individual Goals
7:41 (14.8 Individual Views And Actions
8:09 (14.9 Emancipation Of Knowing
9:35 (14.10 Emancipation Of Being
10:13 (14.11 Free Ethical Conduct
10:47 (14.12 Moral Contribution To Humanity

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