If  you are a student, parent or educator concerned about the take over of Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf Education by Social Justice activists contact Tom. I am looking for comments, stories and concerns about what is happening to Waldorf Education. You may remain anonymous but your stories must be told.

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Statement of Inclusion and Equity

We, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America,
recognize the historic and ongoing impact of racism on our continent and the injustice and discrimination faced by black, brown and minority communities. We understand that inclusivity and equity is a journey of both moral and educational imperative. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to bear witness to what is happening in the world, to elevate the voices of marginalized people, to change the course of inequities, and to break down structural racism in all forms where it exists, particularly in Waldorf education. 

Waldorf education espouses principles of respect for human dignity. Any narratives or indications made by Rudolf Steiner that are in contradiction to this principle are not the basis for Waldorf education and we unequivocally denounce such statements.

We know that we have far to go as an association and as individuals in our understanding of oppression and social justice. Advancing DEI is one of the compelling forces behind AWSNA’s strategic priorities. These priorities make equity and inclusion central to our work and aim to bring us closer to the world that we want for our youth.

The AWSNA executive team is spending more time than ever asking the following questions:
·  How do I participate, consciously or unconsciously, in systemic racism?
·  What meaningful actions will I take in service to the leadership and agency of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color?
·  Where are the possibilities for me to prioritize racial justice in my work to further Waldorf education?..... WHAT???? Waldorf principles are not the priority anymore??
·  How do I actively engage in anti-racism both personally and professionally'?  

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  • As a parent of two kids with a 13 year investment in Waldorf, we have already removed our youngest child from school, and are very close to removing our second, because our local Waldorf School is pushing this material aggressively into the school. The school's "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" Committee sent all parents a list of suggested reading materials that was promoted by the Steering DEI Committee of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. After taking a day off work to actually read the material, I'm legitimately horrified. The material is cartoonish. One item, "The Combahee River Collective Statement" (look it up), (a) praises Marxism, and (b) and states, inter alia, that the "liberation of all oppressed peoples necessitates the destruction of the political-economic systems of capitalism and imperialism as well as patriarchy." Many sources are directed to "White People," and "White Parents." Another item on the list, from "Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups," by Craig Elliot, is a hand out on "Privileged Group Dynamics: Common Patterns of Whites," describing how Whites consciously and sub-consciously advocate for maintaining white supremacy. The AWSNA recommended reading list includes twitter accounts that advocate for "defunding the police" (one our our school's families includes a police officer), are overtly anti-Israel (we have several Jewish members in our community), and openly advocate for one Presidential candidate and against another.  

    My wife and I tried to nicely and respectfully ask questions about the DEI committee's intent and approach, specifically asking why the school was suddenly aligning itself with outside activist groups, whether these materials are aligned with Waldorf and Steiner philosophy, why the school is aligning itself suddenly with political viewpoints in this K-8 Waldorf School, and when and how were parents going to be engaged on the issues. The response was an accusation of not supporting "diversity, equity and inclusion," and a strongly implied ask to resign from the volunteer positions held by this family within the community. I will not be surprised if we are invited to withdraw from the school.  

    Very sad and disappointing after almost $200k investment in tuition and giving over 13 years, given happily to an institution we trusted with the education of our precious children. Irony is that one of the reasons we joined Waldorf in the first place was the hope that our children would go to school with Children from many different cultures given Waldorf's international reach, and that our children would be taught to appreciate and respect other people without judgment based on skin color, while exploring the world's richness of cultures and beliefs.  

    These materials coming into our school are angry, hateful, overtly racist (not just of White people, but also of African Americans with "lighter" skin tones, if you can believe that, based on some of the recommended readings) with a sprinkling of overt pro-Marxist sentiment. Frightening. But, bottomline, I'm certainly not going to pay money to have this crap taught to my Children.

    • Thanks for sharing, just aweful. I have been involved in Waldorf my whole life and I can say that the fundamental problem is a lack of interest and/or earnestness about the roots of Waldorf: Rudolph Steiner and Anthroposophy. This lack is at the same time a lack for the courageous aprehension of Truth. There are still good teachers in waldorf schools, but more and more, it seems, the good ones are forced out or forced to go along. This is cause for great concern. The Wshington Waldorf School derserves special attention here. I would suggest looking in to their association with James Alefontis; a high level democrat insider. It seems the Waldorf name may have to be abandoned and "free" schools formed on the basis of Anthroposophy first and Steiner's Pedogogical methods second. In fact, this may already be happening due to the frustration people have been have, on a practical level, with AWSNA

      • Thanks for sharing.   What I'm seeing at our school is this.  One of the FACULTY members said that Steiner's philsophy is racist, and that by insisting on a Steiner philsophy in the.... ahem.... Waldorf school, a parent would be insisting the teachers teach racism.    How to even begin to respond to this?

        (1) If Steiner expressed racist views then by all means, let's have a community discussion about it.   Send me the citations, let's discuss as a community and work together to replace any materials that are racist with materials that aren't.   Mature adults, and trained educators, committed to educating happy, kind and joyous children, should be able to work through these types of things within a community setting.   We're seeing the precise opposite approach.

        (2) And, what does it mean to call Steiner teachings "racist" in this framework?   I read the AWSNA reccomended readings, and what I gleaned generally from this 100% Critical Race Theory content is that ALL people with white skin are inherently racist by definition, and also "white supremeacists," defined as someone who believes whites are superior to all other races (consciously or unconsciously, don't you know), and seek to perpetuate white dominance over all other races, in all human endeavours (consciously or unconsciously).   If this Waldrof teacher has adopted this Critical Race Theory viewpoint, what the hell does it even mean to say Rudolph Steiner taught "racism"?    Do you mean actual, real, racism?   Or, do you mean Steiner was a white man?   In our school, we will never learn the answer to this question of the age, because neither the Faculty nor the administration will talk to the parents about these issues.   They are, however, bringing "social justice" overtly into the classroom on a grade-x-grade basis.  And if you go to our school, you get to pay them to do this to your children.

        What I see is pure, smash and grab poltical activism that has already (at least in our case), infected and taken over the philsophical underpinnings of the school.   It's "Waldrof" in name only.   Otherwise, it's unrecognizeable from any garden-variety critical race social justice grievance festival.  

        • The question of Steiner being racist is one that can only be solved by studying his work thoroughly, because from a blazé inquiry into the matter, one could certainly draw this erroneous conclusion. But I will sum it up as best I can. First, one has to define the human being as primarily a spiritual being. From that point of view, our disposition in a physical body is itself only meaningful from a spiritual perspective. i.e. we are placed in physical earth existence for an, ultimately, spiritual purpose and our spirit self has no race. As for the races which we do have to reckon with in our physical existence, these are a remant from a bygone epoch of time which have persisted into the present while still holding some purpose. This purpose is very much on the wane and will soon be superfluous. In fact, in many ways it already is so. In the future, according to esoteric Christianity, there will only be two races, one formed from an ever hardening portion of humankind that tends toward evil, and one more spiritualized portion that is "good". A central teaching of Steiners is that each age has a leading race/culture that sets the tone for that time period. We are currently in the age of Anglo-Germanic culture, which even exoterically can be discerned. If this is racist then so be it. The truth is the truth. There are specific quotes that detractors like to extract to further their "racist" claim. It is a touchy issue to be sure, but when you study his work wholistically, the claim of racism is totally out of the question; it is the individual, NOT the race/tribe that is the most important. The fact that waldorfians make that claim speaks volumes in itself. To sum  up, only a materialist can be a racist because they posit that the flesh and bone is the real human being. Steiners life work can be summed up in saying that he tried to combat, or rather, to balance out this horribly one sided tendency toward materialism. But this is now the world we live, spirtual matters are an after thought. Our culture only wants to reckon with what the senses can give us and so we get Marxism and the "woke" leftists. One is certainly empathetic though, the materialistic view is such an easy trap to fall in to.

          It should be noted that it was, and is, absolutley out of the question to teach anything anthroposophical to the students, but at the same time, if the teacher is not studying that material on his/her own time, then they are not taking their work seriously. It is only through enhancement of the spiritual faculties, through knowledge and study, that the teacher can carry out their task properly.

          • Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom is a verifiable science of freedom. You cannot discredit it by attacking the character of the scientist. That is different than anti-racism ideology which is a cult belief system that requires religious faith. That is why the cultist is threatened by debate and supports censorship and cancel culture.

      • Rudolf Steiner recommended forming free communities based on The Philosophy Of Freedom. A free school and free community would go together. 

        Community Building
        Learn more about Rudolf Steiner and his Philosophy Of Freedom.
  • @waldorfantirracista. This is the Brazilian instagram acount of social justice that melted into waldorf education in my countru

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