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0.7 Practicing Pure Thinking

The Philosophy Of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner
The Goal Of Knowledge
0.7 Practicing Pure Thinking
[9] At first the reader is lead into abstract regions, where thought must draw sharp outlines to reach clearly defined positions. But the reader is also led from arid concepts into concrete life. I am fully convinced that to experience life in all its aspects, one must soar into the realm of concepts. Whoever is limited to the pleasures of the senses misses the sweetest joys of life.

The oriental sage requires his disciples to live a life of resignation and asceticism for years before he shares with them his knowledge. The West no longer demands pious exercises and ascetic practices to attain knowledge. It does require, however, a sincere willingness to prepare for science by withdrawing oneself awhile from the immediate impressions of life, and entering the realm of pure thought.

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  • Good discussion. The part about staying in bed all day to think conceptually and philosophically......that resonates with me. It would be nice to have more time to think, ponder and be in silence. I try to view my full time job, family and pets as opportunities to express my philosophy of living, but I often wish I had more time for pure thinking.

    • The path of The Philosophy Of Freedom is to apply the principles in the book and also to enter into pure thinking everyday. We are studying the principles in the study group so it would be nice to come up with a recommendation about the practice of pure thinking for the study group.

      0.7 says, "It requires withdrawing oneself awhile from the immediate impressions of life, and entering the realm of pure thought." and  "soaring into the realm of concepts."

      We could take a word or sentence from what we are studying and spend 10 min. contemplating it. Then take some notes about our experience of any thought intuitions we experience and discuss our experience with the group.  I tried the sentence "soaring into the realm of concepts" and got the idea that every life situation can be conceptualized into universal concepts, in that way you raise it up into the conceptual realm.

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