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The group meets online in a Zoom conference room at 6pm PDT (california time) every Tuesday. To participate requires an interest in Steiner's pre-anthroposophy period.

We will explore the period of Rudolf Steiner's life (pre-1900) when he was recognized as a respected scholar before he entered the world of the occult. During this period he wrote "The Philosophy Of Freedom" and published essays in his "Magazine For Literature" that were "imbued with the spirit of The Philosophy Of Freedom". We will try to recognize this free spirit within ourselves and try to understand the purpose of "The Philosophy Of Freedom" as described by Steiner, "The purpose is to lay the foundations of ethical individualism and of a social and political life" .

We will focus on understanding the thoughts within the book and try to avoid a barrier to study described by Steiner:

“The members read it, but reading is not the same as understanding. They took what I offered, not as something issuing from my mouth or written in my books, but rather as what this one thought ‘mystical,’ that one ‘theosophical,’ another something else again.”

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