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  • Hi Tom,

    I'd like ask you why you recommend the original edition ?
    • Thanks for starting up the new discussion forum. The original edition began with Chapter 1 The Goal Of Knowledge. In this chapter is contained the original spirit that inspired Rudolf Steiner to write The Philosophy O Freedom. When the book was published in 1894, it was not well received. It turned out, in my opinion, to be ahead of its time. Without a job and having no one interested in hearing about his freedom philosophy, Steiner turned to what was culturally hot in Germany at that time, Theosophy. This makes sense to be culturally relevant. Today things have changed. People today have more interest in a science of freedom.

      I was drawn to the original edition of The Philosophy Of Freedom to get in touch with the original SPIRIT of the book. The 1918 edition moved away from that spirit as shown by Steiner writing a new preface. The first paragraph of the original Chapter 1 The Goal Of Knowledge was removed, with the remainder of the chapter placed at the back of the book.

      Steiner added the below note to why he kept it. He wanted to tell us that it contained “the mood of thought out of which I composed this book twenty-five years ago”. I consider this the original spirit of the book. If you read the full chapter here and only available in the original 1894 edition, you will likely feel that spirit.

      “The following chapter reproduces, in all essentials, the pages which stood as a sort of ‘Introduction’ in the first edition of this book. Inasmuch as it rather reflects the mood of thought out of which I composed this book twenty-five years ago, than has any direct bearing on its contents, I print it here as an Appendix.” Rudolf Steiner, Appendix II, revised introduction to the edition of 1894.

      Anyways, things have changed and the original edition is in need of a revised edition, but one that retains the original spirit. This is why I am revising it now and even adding some of the 1918 editions when appropriate. Here is a link to the progress I have made on a new edition, which I think is better than the original 1916 Hoernle English edition based on the 1894 German. 

      2017 The Philosophy Of Freedom
      Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy Of Freedom
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